Folklore of Plants Vol. I

LP | 2017| Folklore Tapes

These recordings were made from the transduced vibrations of various cylindropuntia fulgida or jumping cholla via a piezo electric disc. The recordings were made in the Sonoran Desert in 2015 and processed and edited via tape in 2017. Released by Folklore Tapes for the compilation The Folklore of Plants Vol. I.

"Strange growths of a strange land! Heat, drouth, and starvation gnawing at their vitals month in and month out; and yet how determined to live, how determined to fulfill their destiny! They keep fighting off the elements, the animals, the birds. Never by day or by night do they loose the armor or drop the spear point. And yet with all the struggle they serenely blossom in season, perpetuate their kinds, and hand down the struggle of the newer generation with no jot of vigor abated, no tittle of hope dissipated. Strange growths indeed! And yet strange, perhaps, only to us who have never known their untrumpeted history." John C. Van Dyke "Cactus & Greasewood" taken from "The Desert" 1901