Pressure Plates I & II (for Ron Jude’s 12 HZ)

Sound Installation. 2021.
20 minutes looping 5 channels.
Work commissioned to accompany photographer Ron Jude’s exhibition 12 HZ for inaugural Barry Lopez Foundation
Exhibition. Curator Toby Jurovics.

The installation of Ron Jude: 12 Hz is accompanied by an audio installation by artist Joshua Bonnetta. Two interacting compositions combine field recordings with manipulated seismic recordings collected from an array of sensors that record vertical ground motion. Both sets of recordings are site-specific to Jude's photographs and reveal similar imperceptible forces of the earth's geological systems at work both above and beneath the surface. Continually repeating on a loop, Bonnetta’s composition weaves in and out, rising and falling from opposite sides of the gallery against the background of Jude’s photographs.

The seismic data was generously provided by Leif Karlstrom of the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oregon. – TJ