Joshua Bonnetta & Judith Hamann Audio cassette 2021
C30 double sided
Canti Magnetici

This release initiates a series of propositions between Bonnetta and Hamann exploring film sound design as a relation of anecdotal music. Each side is composed of location recordings, musical fragments, foley, in-studio recordings, outtakes, and sketches gleaned from various re-recording processes. In the absence of images, these sound propositions reflect on the possibilities of a particular form of ‘aural cinema,’ of fictional spaces constructed from the reordering and recasting of documentary and documentation.

Track Listening:
A-side Exteriors/Interiors I
B-side Exteriors/Interiors II

Bonnetta: Contact mics, electronics, tape, synth, & field recordings Ithaca & NYC. 2019-21 Hamann: Cello, Voice
Berlin. 2021